23 April, 2012

life down under

i may have shown you some sights of australia and parts of the new museum of contemporary art, but not yet how my daily life has been there. let's do a short catch-up.
to the sushi-junkies out there: believe me, you find sushi in australia like starbucks in new york at every corner of the streets. same counts for vietnamese and thai food. even if you have a sudden crave for a roll at night, you can get them at the next 7-Eleven store, who have them stored in many variations.
that coke-sign is huge, not to say immense. for sydneysiders it's the hollywood-sign of sydney. when i heard about that, i knew immediately the australians must be easy-going, nice people.
i met lots of overseas-working (working holidays is the magic key) backpackers at an Inn in brisbane, which were friends from the beginning on (and teached me to play various card games and how to roll my own cigarettes). on my last night in australia we decided to do a noche española (in english; spanish night) and made tapas and sangría (if a pack of cigarettes costs 15$AUD, you can imagine how much they charged for one bottle of vodka and the rest of the ingredients..)
to put it briefly, my daily life consisted of coffee, cigarettes, talking, walking and more coffee.