08 March, 2012

that time of the year

i'm happy to know that in the last few days this project has been hyped a lot. i don't care if it was posted several times on facebook or twitter by teenage girls that think they saved the world for now. no, this project's mission was to get this hyped from the beginning. to be a topic the mass post and talk about. because only this way the government knows we care to finally move their a**. it's up to you if you donate or buy the starter kit. but imagine - wouldn't it be great to put on posters and stickers all around your city in the night? it justs for a few bucks. i would do it myself, but i have no idea where in the world i'll be in that night.  yes, it's that time of the year again when lola packs her suitcase and decides to live for some weeks in another country. so, what's the plan for this spring? australia for at least two weeks, singapore for a stopover and with a little bit of luck the fiji islands for a short stay. i'm über-excited for the re-opening of the museum of contemporary art in sydney and the beaches in oceania.