10 March, 2012

méxico city in 10

i wanted to post this a lot earlier. don't worry, i didn't forget you but i've been so busy that i didn't even made it to develop the pictures from the disposable camera. if you follow me on instagram, these pictures might look familiar to you, but you probably didn't get a feeling for how the city is. well, let's start.
1. mexican pastry is everywhere around the city and are similar to the spanish ones. you will see a lot of churros, that -sadly- taste very different to original spanish churros and usually eaten with a cup of coffee (what the hell..) than with hot chocolate like in spain (also known as the spanish breakfast)
2. near the pyramids of teotihuacan is the first spanish church built in méxico. it was already in the afternoon, and mexican weather is very cold by then. when you are used to 25 degrees above zero and all of the sudden it's just 7, you really shake because of the cold.
3. i'm not a tourist in general, nor a traveller in méxico city since i lived here, but i never went on a tourist bus in my whole life. and which city could be better than mexcity to do that? our ride took almost 4 hours and the guide was at such full volume that people on the street might think there's a protest going on. on the picture you see the angel de la independencia - the city's landmark.
4+5. another picture from the bus. the torre latinoamericana and former highest skyscraper in the city. there aren't many skyscrapers there due to earthquakes, but this one is the most famous one - even though it isn't the highest anymore. this time i've been to the viewing deck. the admission fee was ridiculously high but worth to get a view over the city. we went there at nighttime, as obviously seen.
6. the cathedral at the zócalo, the main plaza. i stayed at the best western hotel, which is situated there and oh man, i can tell you there was nothing more annoying than the chime of bells at any random time of the day and night. sometimes they woke me up at 3.18am just to give me a major headache.
7. bellas artes. bellas artes. bellas artes. in english it would mean..pretty arts. it's known as the palace of arts and culture. no, not an artmuseum. but wonderful philharmonic concerts, a great bookstore and the best coffee in the city. when i first saw the building one year ago i stood there, surprised of its beauty with gaping mouth for minutes - literally.
8+9. another palace. the postal palace. imagine you want to write some postals to friends, ask for directions to the next postoffice and enter this. you feel like in heaven.
10. there are all kinds of bars and cafés in the city. from modern, artsy, bohemian, traditional to high-end you'll find every style and taste represented. i went to this one twice, since it reminds me a lot of the bars we have in spain and looked incredibly romantic in the night.

08 March, 2012

that time of the year

i'm happy to know that in the last few days this project has been hyped a lot. i don't care if it was posted several times on facebook or twitter by teenage girls that think they saved the world for now. no, this project's mission was to get this hyped from the beginning. to be a topic the mass post and talk about. because only this way the government knows we care to finally move their a**. it's up to you if you donate or buy the starter kit. but imagine - wouldn't it be great to put on posters and stickers all around your city in the night? it justs for a few bucks. i would do it myself, but i have no idea where in the world i'll be in that night.  yes, it's that time of the year again when lola packs her suitcase and decides to live for some weeks in another country. so, what's the plan for this spring? australia for at least two weeks, singapore for a stopover and with a little bit of luck the fiji islands for a short stay. i'm über-excited for the re-opening of the museum of contemporary art in sydney and the beaches in oceania.