20 February, 2012

hello from méxico

because my flight to london was delayed, i only had a few minutes at heathrow to change flights. in less than four minutes i bought postcards, wrote them, sent them and got to the gate for my flight to mexico city. i arrived in mexico city at sunset and spent over an hour at immigration. seriously, i never waited that much time at immigration and i'll never take a flight again that arrives in the evening. immigration is just too full at that time. the next day we went to a friend's house for a breakfast. as always, my breakfast contains a simple black coffee. that's one thing that will never change in my life for sure. today i went to see teotihuacan, the pyramids in other words. and i made it to the top! i have the worst vertigo you can imagine. even just standing on a stair makes me all nauseous, but at least i can proudly cross out another thing on my bucket list.