01 February, 2012

cold air

i had enough of winter. enough of freezing hands after smoking for five minutes. enough of turning on the heater. enough of frost in the morning. enough of seeing the sun but not feeling the warmth. even of hot baths.
posted this picture two days ago on my instagram. no candles, no reading books, no music playing while bathing anymore.
ha! there goes the joy of hot baths in winter.

spring, come soon.

in a few moments i'll also post this month's mixtape to warm up your heart and mentally prepare for the spring. i've listened to these songs a lot recently to finally motivate to work more on my novel, ever since i got back from spain i'm suffering a serious writers' block. usually i am the too inspired person, the one with too much ideas. but now i've got nothing left besides some notes i can't use anymore. but inspiration is slowly coming back to me now.