20 February, 2012

the original triangles

some insights at how it looks like being on the pyramid. the way down is the worst thing you can imagine. even worse than the stairs in the tower of st. peter's basilica (that's where you get the most breath-taking view of rome. if you ever go to good old roma, don't miss that) near the pyramids were the most beautiful markets you can find (i'm the queen of bargaining, and believe me it's the number one quality you need to survive in these markets) where i found some really nice jewellery and presents.

hello from méxico

because my flight to london was delayed, i only had a few minutes at heathrow to change flights. in less than four minutes i bought postcards, wrote them, sent them and got to the gate for my flight to mexico city. i arrived in mexico city at sunset and spent over an hour at immigration. seriously, i never waited that much time at immigration and i'll never take a flight again that arrives in the evening. immigration is just too full at that time. the next day we went to a friend's house for a breakfast. as always, my breakfast contains a simple black coffee. that's one thing that will never change in my life for sure. today i went to see teotihuacan, the pyramids in other words. and i made it to the top! i have the worst vertigo you can imagine. even just standing on a stair makes me all nauseous, but at least i can proudly cross out another thing on my bucket list.

02 February, 2012

music for second month of the year

second month of the year from lolasayswhat on 8tracks.

as promised here is the mixtape for february. 
this months' motto is "we had enough of winter. our mind wants to feel like spring again."

01 February, 2012

cold air

i had enough of winter. enough of freezing hands after smoking for five minutes. enough of turning on the heater. enough of frost in the morning. enough of seeing the sun but not feeling the warmth. even of hot baths.
posted this picture two days ago on my instagram. no candles, no reading books, no music playing while bathing anymore.
ha! there goes the joy of hot baths in winter.

spring, come soon.

in a few moments i'll also post this month's mixtape to warm up your heart and mentally prepare for the spring. i've listened to these songs a lot recently to finally motivate to work more on my novel, ever since i got back from spain i'm suffering a serious writers' block. usually i am the too inspired person, the one with too much ideas. but now i've got nothing left besides some notes i can't use anymore. but inspiration is slowly coming back to me now.