16 January, 2012

sound of january

lately i've been reminded a lot to post more music to the entries and start making mixtapes again, like i did back then. so, why not, i'm a playlist-person anyway. believe me, i have playlists for everything. walking while sad, walking while happy, waking up for every single day of the week, writing sad parts, writing dramatic parts, writing fun parts (of the novel), smoking while sad, smoking while having a martini, and so on... hilarious, isn't it? i'll upload the ones i create for you on 8tracks. simply click play. that easy. i'm still in spain and will return to germany this friday. time passes when i'm home. the people. the moments. the feeling being at home.
this is from last weeks' sunday-brunch. we made the cake ourselves the night before, while i was mixing martinis for everyone (my martinis are the best and driest)