16 December, 2011

born this way or born the way they want you?

I'm sorry for what my generation has done to music. 
What's happening to us nowadays is called 'marketing'. Everyone wants to be a product, something you can recognize. Lady Gaga said recently she would never let her fans see her without high heels on. Clearly, she isn't a heel-lover like Miss Beckham, but does it anyway to get her shoes printed into the next celebrity-magazine. Where's the "born this way,i am me"-reality in here? And why does she call her fans "little monsters"? If a friend would call me that i would feel offended and angry. Ok ok, she is mama monster. But i thought only self-hating, bipolar people say these ugly words to themselves. She tries too hard. Whenever you try too hard to be something, it's because deep down you aren't like that at all. 
You may ask yourself how it's possible that i can avoid her and didn't listen to her since that one song with beyoncé? Well, there's a button on the radio you can press to stop that shit. And that's why i can't name you one single song that's played on repeat by most of the people - at least for another month, because then it'll become old. You could almost say vintage.