31 December, 2011


in 2011 i moved to mexico city, i moved to madrid, i spent a month in vienna, i lived with just one suitcase at friends for whatever time i wanted and then moved back to germany. and got happy.
in 2011 i recovered from opioid-addiction, alcoholism and eating disorder. and got happy.
in 2011 i escaped into art and music, talked to artists and ballerinas and expanded my camera-collection. and got happy.
in 2011 i changed haircolour around 6 times and cut my butt-long-hair myself until it only reached my shoulders. (let's pretend) and  got happy.
now, you can't tell me this 2011 wasn't good.

25 December, 2011

days before christmas

well, i know this doesn't seem a lot like christmas but at least i can say i made that sweet raisin bread (as a breakfast for my parents) myself. i don't think christmas should be all about presents and food, that could be any other day of the year. it should be a gettogether. just that. nothing more. but still, merry christmas to every single one of you!

18 December, 2011

blogwatch: die mit dem wolf tanzt

i plan to do this blogwatch every now and then with my most favorites. (please don't email me to feature yours.) 
even though the blog is written in german, i needed to tell you about it. jane, 17,residing in hamburg, is seriously one of the most prettiest girls on earth and surprises every time with new photographies with real beauty in them. just a gorgeous blog, i can't miss checking out every day, even when i'm traveling.

16 December, 2011

born this way or born the way they want you?

I'm sorry for what my generation has done to music. 
What's happening to us nowadays is called 'marketing'. Everyone wants to be a product, something you can recognize. Lady Gaga said recently she would never let her fans see her without high heels on. Clearly, she isn't a heel-lover like Miss Beckham, but does it anyway to get her shoes printed into the next celebrity-magazine. Where's the "born this way,i am me"-reality in here? And why does she call her fans "little monsters"? If a friend would call me that i would feel offended and angry. Ok ok, she is mama monster. But i thought only self-hating, bipolar people say these ugly words to themselves. She tries too hard. Whenever you try too hard to be something, it's because deep down you aren't like that at all. 
You may ask yourself how it's possible that i can avoid her and didn't listen to her since that one song with beyoncé? Well, there's a button on the radio you can press to stop that shit. And that's why i can't name you one single song that's played on repeat by most of the people - at least for another month, because then it'll become old. You could almost say vintage.

10 December, 2011

candy is everywhere now

10th december - two weeks before christmas, and i just realised how literally everywhere is chocolate and candy. If not it's because it's sold out. On my break from rehearsals today i made my way to the supermarket with friends. To shoot food. It's like back then in mexico where i shot food all the time but don't worry this won't become a food blog. What i dislike is the whole consuming thing about this. Society and advertises tell you that you need this at that time. There's no love behind it. Where's the love when unbought christmas chocolate is made into easter chocolate? Get the good old cookbook out and bake something. With the loved ones. Guaranteed fun and more "love".

04 December, 2011


some things are hard to write about. after something happens to you, you go write it down and either you dramatize it or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones. At any rate, you never write it quite the way you want to.