30 November, 2011

last day of november

Busy as always, i can't even make it anymore to take/develop pictures or even write on a proper keyboard (on the iphone now,no comment on why i have one now)
Anyway, since tomorrow the big 24-days-countdown starts, it's time to share my thoughts on christmastime.
I will make it short - I hate it. But i love incence sticks and candles with cinnamon-smell. And gingerbread men. Sadly, that's all.

17 November, 2011

i have been to hell and back. and let me tell you, it was wonderful.

 umm, i've been pretty busy with working on my novel and avoiding certain people. had very good days and very bad days. sounds like life. life is about problems and living is about solving problems. but somehow something is missing at the moment, i don't know what or who. and i'm scared of discovering the reason why. what or who will wait at the end of the road or maybe it won't be there anymore when i arrive?