25 October, 2011

sweet dreams (are made of this)

i'm obsessed with my friends. they are my priority number one and most important essence in my life. i always think of them before thinking of me. one year ago i lost my beloved diana to the death. that made my belief in friendship grow even wider, much much much wider. friendship can't end, if it can, that's because it never existed. about a month ago i met kim. slowly she got more and more into my life. she is the one that believes in me, when i lost all my own believes. the one that listens to my cries. we feel what the other feels. we don't ask the other if we can call her sister, we do it. no judging, no fear of rejection. the wounds of loosing a best friend can't be healed by time,but someone can come along your path and stop the bleeding. friends.

23 October, 2011

free + easy

bunch of photos a friend took. basically my everyday-outfit.
so much happened since my last post. new decisions, new changes. i may do a separate just-text-post tomorrow.