29 June, 2011


back in europe after more than 24h of traveling..no film(but i have new leica/yashica here) but still wanted to show the yucatan peninsula and the shit weather at cancun airport on sunday. excessive amount of blue. first the clear mexico-city-sky,then a 2 hours-flight over the ocean,then cancun's weather,and then another 9 hour flight over the ocean. so not into turquoise anymore.
things i did while on the plane : coffee, analyzing the flight attendant's uniforms by airline, more coffee, meeting a dutch backpacker and talking for 3 hours while waiting for the flight, still more coffee, buying design magazines from all three different countries, even more coffee, spending more than a monthly salary at the duty free, lots of coffee, showing off my travel-experience to unexperienced passengers who need hours to just open their passports, having a coffee-overdose.

20 June, 2011

dog days are over

since my parents arrived last week i had a very hard time. but there are news.
1. i'll return to europe in a week,not as planned in july
2. i'll get a new camera

10 June, 2011


you are the trip i did not take;
you are the pearls i could not buy;
you are my blue italian lake;
you are my piece of foreign sky.
you are my honolulu moon;
you are the book i did not write;
you are my heart's unuttered tune;
you are a candle in my night.
you are the flower beneath the snow,
in my dark sky a bit of blue,
answering disappointment's blow
with "i am happy ! i have you !"
but sadly,the last sentence is my delusion.

07 June, 2011

depth of sentiments

i sunk my heart at the bottom to the sea because love grows on the moon and the moon always changes

05 June, 2011

drowning inside

you know, i really admire the strength of love and everything but it has a destructive power, when the love is unrequited. In my case it never was requited, but i never lost hope. Haha to myself. However, sadness is inspiring so i did like 30 pages of these things below.

03 June, 2011

through the night

SHORT UPDATE, i've been writing on some articles for DEAR YOU MAGAZINE, fashion-shoots following in the next few weeks. i need to prepare for my father to come here (next week) and thinking of a to-do-list for things i'll do before flying next month to europe. i hope i won't get too bored while being in germany (honestly i don't think there's a country that bores more..no idea how i lived there for so long) - but for now, forgive me, i have to finally get the internet on my blackberry back, already a week without - dying!