20 May, 2011

where we stop we never know

as i always say - no kind of art comes from happiness. believe it or not,that's truly right (or do you claim bieber is profound music?) well,as soon as i got out of the giggle-when-i-hear-his-name-phase,into a deep amor-ur-a-bitch one,i could finally renew my old techniques entire life and get inspired by people's (and my own) stories,actions,sorrows,smiles (and accents) more than ever. i changed from shooting with that sony to my beloved nikon and film (oh wow film makes me soo 'individual',just like a hipster)
i'm absolutely delighted with details. not only in photography, but in people. a small birthmark or freckles can change a person's appearance completely (doesn't mean you have to paint all over your face)