15 May, 2011

speeding heart got the same bone

first of all thanks to sweetheart jazzy elizabeth for including me in the "blog of the moment"-ranking,as 5th place! she's one of my biggest inspirations out there,so it's a real honor for me to take place in her favorites,too.  now to my personal life..i'm this huge,confused,but at least still positive seeing, mess at the moment,who watched the last days nonstop horror-movies on tv while browsing senseless art-magazines and creating floral headpieces (survived friday 13th,means neither freddy krueger nor the grudge-girl did get to know me in person...the flowers may have scared them)
i've spent a lot of time at other friend's houses lately,i almost feel like a wanderer again. i adore how you join other person's lives and you notice the differences in the people's characters and lifestyles.. such a refreshing feeling,isn't it?