08 May, 2011

let my senses bleed

Let me be
Let my senses bleed
There's nothing left of me
So go on

one of the things i may despise in my life,is that i'm way too blackberrymessenger-famous (worser than facebook-whores,at least they can log out!),if any thing is going on,people know. they know all of my things, both, the little details in my life and the big things that matter to me.they even analyze through the current song i'm listening to my current situation.that's insane. oh,i just love insane people but these ones truly try to give me serious advice on how to FORGET THAT FCKN PERSON. you would like to not be remembered,right?well,if you had my life you would be texted by 200 people in less than one day that you totally have to fight for this love (are they possibly cheryl cole-sponsored?)  doesn't work this way. and then - of course - there are the "helpful" persons that think of these situations as a chance to convince me to move with them into a flat in london,birmingham,bucharest,bordeaux or elsewhere (actually i really do love bucharest and bordeaux.anyone from cape town,too?) that's mean, they're using my weakness for traveling. and they're not even charismatic while doing.
kiddies out there,listen carefully, there are no "look-how-beautiful-my-life-is"-pictures for this week,just some "oh-look-how-gorgeous-melancholic-i-can-be-while-drunk" ones.