31 May, 2011

keep it coming

anyone interested in pictures how 22year old artists brush their teeth? mail me. i have hundreds. well, i figured out a travelplan(finally), that's working out for me. plus i'll be at this years dockville festival in hamburg. the middle images show my small moleskine sketchbook,the first that indian color-thing we did again and the last my wardrobe-to-go while staying at my friends'. expect much more film in the next few days, i still need to develop.

30 May, 2011

satan is in paris

this is something i did in the past few days while hanging all day at my artist-friends' houses. people who already had the pleasure to read some of the raw chapters from the novel i'm working on (for those who still didn't get it : it's a psychological thriller), will totally relate to this. besides, i'm looking forward to visit bucharest and parts of france again this summer (sources of inspiration for the locations in the story) to finish the book. i have a lot of pressure, because there is more than just one editorial interested in publishing it and i always try my very best to exceed all expectations. 

28 May, 2011

all of electrify

llorando estará recordando el amor que un dia no supo cuidar
i'm finally back in the city and already planning my visit in europe - so many people and places, too little time. i spoke to my dad,who's visiting me next month, and 1) possibility is high that i'll have a (small) tattoo next month and 2) i'll be in cancún for some days. also be prepared for some new, refreshing projects on the blog. let's just say i discovered the hd-videofunction on my nikon and i have gorgeous friends to collaborate with. i hope you all are ready to see the world through my eyes soon enough.

25 May, 2011

three words,eight letters

3 words, 8 letters could mean :
1. i love you
2. i hate you
3. go to hell
4. i miss you

22 May, 2011

hearts will never be practical,until they can be made unbreakable

i had this awful realization that i was awake. it hit me like a brick in the groin. i didn't want to wake up. i was having a much better time asleep. and that's really sad. it was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved. i woke up into a nightmare. life. life is a nightmare. yes.
anyway i had this bothersome..'conversation-like-conversation-thing' with someone that made me feel that sore,i swear i could've jumped from the roof. BUT some friends called me to paint ourselves with some kid-colors on someone's birthday. after all,thanks to this bash i learned what happens when tequila falls over the body color. i ended up with some painted zodiac signs over my body and a quarter bottle of vodka because i was too lame to stand how i felt caused by the convo earlier.. well well, all i can do is be me.whoever that hurt person is.

21 May, 2011

gonna take the crown

the posing looks kinda catlike and i confess i don't have the slightest idea whose home that was. after two exhibitions (in the same place) and some 80-ish party we went to a houseparty,where everyone was literally dying when we arrived around 5am. dead on the floor (at least still on the floor) i think i never had a weirder night than this one. three different events,three different feelings,three times to show different sides of you and so little time left. i'll indulge myself now 2 or 3 hours of beauty sleep before beginning the next day,which is indeed.. today.

20 May, 2011

where we stop we never know

as i always say - no kind of art comes from happiness. believe it or not,that's truly right (or do you claim bieber is profound music?) well,as soon as i got out of the giggle-when-i-hear-his-name-phase,into a deep amor-ur-a-bitch one,i could finally renew my old techniques entire life and get inspired by people's (and my own) stories,actions,sorrows,smiles (and accents) more than ever. i changed from shooting with that sony to my beloved nikon and film (oh wow film makes me soo 'individual',just like a hipster)
i'm absolutely delighted with details. not only in photography, but in people. a small birthmark or freckles can change a person's appearance completely (doesn't mean you have to paint all over your face)

18 May, 2011

ultimate life-checklist for artists

follow your heart
inspire others
get a mansion
have fun

16 May, 2011

what's in a name

In a manner of speaking
Semantics won't do
In this life that we live we only make do
And the way that we feel
Might have to be sacrified
mondaymorning every morning in my life : taking my camera out for a walk to take ingenious-absurd pictures(i refuse to start with that helvetica-evolutioned-emo-quote-thing. guys,tell a therapist,not photoshop), buy myself coffee and forget the sweetener/sugar, talking to people while still listening to babyshambles with max.-volume on my blackberry and trying to teach myself some pirate english while some petite schoolkids pass my way and think of me as a pirate(maybe it's just my headband..)

15 May, 2011

the people and the drinks

from dusk till down - an epic movie with mexican goddess salma hayek and all-generation-lady-crush george clooney. well,our night wasn't interfered by vampires,so it lasted from 11pm to 4pm(yes,thats right) my just-bought copy of this month's rolling stone ended up as a sketchbook,PLUS someone took the bonnie mckee-feature(with the new levi's ad on the back side,damn!!) please darlings,if you give me time to rest today,i promise to be fully back right after.used my last energy to scan the polaroids. that's love.

speeding heart got the same bone

first of all thanks to sweetheart jazzy elizabeth for including me in the "blog of the moment"-ranking,as 5th place! she's one of my biggest inspirations out there,so it's a real honor for me to take place in her favorites,too.  now to my personal life..i'm this huge,confused,but at least still positive seeing, mess at the moment,who watched the last days nonstop horror-movies on tv while browsing senseless art-magazines and creating floral headpieces (survived friday 13th,means neither freddy krueger nor the grudge-girl did get to know me in person...the flowers may have scared them)
i've spent a lot of time at other friend's houses lately,i almost feel like a wanderer again. i adore how you join other person's lives and you notice the differences in the people's characters and lifestyles.. such a refreshing feeling,isn't it?

08 May, 2011

let my senses bleed

Let me be
Let my senses bleed
There's nothing left of me
So go on

one of the things i may despise in my life,is that i'm way too blackberrymessenger-famous (worser than facebook-whores,at least they can log out!),if any thing is going on,people know. they know all of my things, both, the little details in my life and the big things that matter to me.they even analyze through the current song i'm listening to my current situation.that's insane. oh,i just love insane people but these ones truly try to give me serious advice on how to FORGET THAT FCKN PERSON. you would like to not be remembered,right?well,if you had my life you would be texted by 200 people in less than one day that you totally have to fight for this love (are they possibly cheryl cole-sponsored?)  doesn't work this way. and then - of course - there are the "helpful" persons that think of these situations as a chance to convince me to move with them into a flat in london,birmingham,bucharest,bordeaux or elsewhere (actually i really do love bucharest and bordeaux.anyone from cape town,too?) that's mean, they're using my weakness for traveling. and they're not even charismatic while doing.
kiddies out there,listen carefully, there are no "look-how-beautiful-my-life-is"-pictures for this week,just some "oh-look-how-gorgeous-melancholic-i-can-be-while-drunk" ones.