29 April, 2011

casa dulce casa

pictures i made on our way from the lobby to finally arriving mexcity. god, i didn't realize how much this city became my new home, until i arrived here again.  i have my kiosk, where i can get my daily need of cigarettes without saying a word, awesome friends who get me at 7am, my dear old lady, who treats me like her own daughter and last but not least, my very own prince charming
and now let's play some disney-movie to complete these feelings. though alice in wonderland is the only one,which comes in my mind, where someone smokes. smoking caterpillars for the win!

28 April, 2011

save water,drink tequila

despite the fact i forgot to take photos on day two,three and four .. everything went gorgeous ! we went to the best all-incl-hotel in acapulco (the hotel really was as big as a town) with real all-incl service... like .. you know .. the three bars included (means i had an awesome time here) in the mornings stretching and kayak tours, every night karaoke, tequila volley ball, yachts and more tequila.  
remember my darling who went for three weeks? he actually returned earlier. on sunday. while on the phone on easter sunday(and packing) i was mentally all like "WTH,how can humanity do this to me?" you know me ...i've always been the kind of girl who would threw away a vacation at one of the best beach resorts just for a lovely date with her beloved (at least it sounds cute to talk that way..)

24 April, 2011

twinkle, twinkle, little bat! how i wonder what you're at

easter sundays: time for my favorite 50s disneymovies (alice in wonderland,peter pan,lady and the tramp,cinderella), checking phone bills (three-digit as used to) and show off my moleskine calendar. 
i'm heading to acapulco tomorrow, already postponing the packing. looks like i'll start packing 2 hours before departure again.

all work,no play

i apologize for the lack of posts this week but i was all day working at the editorial, all night pub-ing (last thing not that glam) first four pictures are somehow-arty-culty-shots i took at the places, where i work, the rest complete randomness on my walks back home. starting this monday i'll be in acapulco (envy is welcome) till thursday-night. be aware to check the unbelievable,upcoming photos i'll take (thumbs up for self-humour-failure haha) 

oh, and here's to not having smoked for the last 3 (again this bloody 3) days.

19 April, 2011

3 3 3

yesterday was smoking-free day, but the three packs i didn't smoke yesterday, i smoke today double. he's gone anyway, three weeks with his brother. this will be three weeks full of delicados and marlboro. though i didn't want to leave my house today, i did. first for cigarettes, then for a three-hour-walk through the rain. 
see, three is pursuing me.