27 March, 2011

weddings weren't made for lola

he who said heartbroken people go through hell on valentine's day,obviously never thought of heartbroken people on a wedding. it's kinda the same. happy couples everywhere, knowing everyone else but you is happy, plus chatter that the bridal couple are soo happy together. so i cried after 2 hours of torture .. so what? i had a comprehensive reason and no wine. the bride cried even more. 
the day began very lola-like. we didn't get to the ceremony. when we arrived at the church, there was some baptize going on, so we drove right to the restaurant,where i had (as usual) my very own photoshoot with other people's food.
i took others with my minolta, but will have to develop the film,what won't happen before tuesday - i'll be on a trip to Querétaro,San Miguel de Allende and Celaya for the next two days.